U. S - India Travel and Tourism Partnership Year

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Sustained growth makes this market more important than ever:
To promote tourism between the two countries, the US and Indian governments have declared 2017 as a “U. S – India Travel and Tourism Partnership Year”. So, it’s no surprise thatthis important source market is a major focus for the U.S. travel industry.Below are some of the latest statistics and trends, according to Sheema Vohra, managing Director of Sartha Global Marketing.
India is one of the fastest-growing markets for inbound international travel, with1.1. million Indians travelling to the United States in 2015.The national Travel and Tourism office is forecasting a 72 percent increase in arrivals from 2015 through 2021.
Indians are looking for curated bespoke itineraries and new and unusual experiences. Since we have the youngest population in the world, outdoor and adventure activities and road trips are much in demand. The family segment is also looking for unique activities that they can do together. The luxury segment is growing, and these travelers want to experience the very best the country has to offer.
The Indian traveler today is open to exploring new places.Besides popular destinations like New York, California, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Nevada, they are keen to explore new regionslike Oregon, New Orleans and New Mexico.
The only challenge now is the change in the global economic situation and changes in the visa regime. Other than that, the Indian market is poisedfora very positive growth.

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